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Message from the General Manager

Rus Peotter, WGBY General Manager November is a big month in the TV business because it's “sweeps;” that is, one of the four times each year that the Neilsen company measures audiences everywhere in the country.

Since public TV is about quality, education and public service, you may ask why would WGBY care about ratings? Well, although we provide many types of content and services across our region,TV programming is still our primary business, and we track who is watching and what impact it has. Thus, we need to know how many people are watching and how many are watching in different age groups and geographical areas, for instance.

Over the past few years, we have seen a curious trend with the viewing of WGBY. As I’ve written before, generally our program by program audience is up. But that growth masks another trend: the number of hours our members and viewers are watching us has increased, the overall number of different people is shrinking. Simply put, fewer people are watching more—a lot more!

With all the choices today, it’s not surprising that audiences are fragmented. But another reason may be that folks figure that public TV is mostly kid’s shows, talking heads and occasional British costume dramas and they are looking for something else. If that’s true we’ve got some “educating” to do. Sure we have all those things, but this month’s programming proves we have a lot more and it’s really good.

As a loyal viewer and supporter, you know what you love about our content and you can help. When you see something you like, talk about it… Share it! Post on Facebook. Tweet. Share a photo on Instagram. Have you subscribed to our weekly e-news? It’s a great reminder about what’s on and you can easily forward it to a friend, colleague, neighbor or relative. You can sign up right on our home page at wgby.org. How about sharing your copy of PrimeTime? If you’d like us to send a sample copy to someone you know, just send the address to membership@wgby.org and we’ll get one in the mail.

I constantly hear from folks about how much they loved The Roosevelts, and count on us for unbiased news and public affairs or the 12 hours of quality programming we present for their children and grandchildren each week day. So I suspect if you mention WGBY to your friends, you may hear the same thing. Hopefully, we can all spread the word, build our audience, grow our support and fulfill our mission one new viewer at a time.

And that should make you feel doubly satisfied. After all, you made it all possible. Thank you!

Russell Peotter, signature

Russell J. Peotter
General Manager