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Meet Chef Julianno Callirgos

Rico Peru Latin Flave was one of the many outstanding restaurants to have participate in WGBY's Presencia, a Celebration of Hispanic Heritage in Western New England. Below, Chef Julianno talks to WGBY about his passion for authentic foods and flavors.

Meet Chef Julianno Callirgos

1. What inspired you to become a chef/restaurant owner?

Our children loved our food and always commented about starting a family restaurant. After retirement we decided to open a restaurant where our varieties of Latin dishes are shared.

2. What region/country does your food come from?

Our food comes from Puerto Rico and Peru...we have chosen to concentrate on the most delicious plates such as Sancocho, a traditional soup and Ceviche, a popular seafood dish.

3. Tell us about your favorite recipe.

My favorite recipe has to be the famous Ceviche.

4. What do your customers love about coming to your restaurant?

They love our hospitable attitude the restaurant's atmosphere along with the great flavors in our dishes.