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Chef Mike Leister

Chef Mike Leister

Chef Bio


Manchester, CT

About the Restaurant

Cavey's Restaurant is divided into two distinctly different restaurants: a Northern Italian restaurant on the ground floor, known as 'upstairs' and a Modern French Restaurant on the lower floor, known as 'downstairs'. Each restaurant has its own separate kitchen and its own staff. Steve Cavagnaro, the owner/operator of the restaurants is the executive chef in both.

The French restaurant is classic French with a modern touch. Sauces are made with vegetable purees, stocks and reductions, rather than flour, butter and heavier ingredients. Middle Eastern and Asian elements are commonplace on the menu, reflective of the modern concept of French cuisine. Classic French dishes, such as foie gras are available as well. The décor is elegant with many antiques, large fresh flower arrangements, mirrors and candles everywhere, and tables spaced widely apart for quiet conversation. The mood is very romantic.

The Northern Italian restaurant serves a hearty version of Italian cuisine. The menu changes seasonally and reflects the bounty of nature, especially in the summertime when Dishes are created around the availability of wonderful local produce, fruits and vegetables. All fish and meats are fresh and organic whenever possible and anything that can be is made in Cavey's kitchen, such as breads, vinegar, pastas, desserts, and cheeses. The Italian restaurant is casual and the décor has a Mediterranean sensibility, with warm colors, and candle light reflective of the warmth and hospitality of the dining room. The ambiance is casual yet very attractive.