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Susan's Supply List

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Rembrandt® Watercolor and Arches® Watercolor Papers supplied by Canson Inc.



Watercolor Paints (tubes)

Main Colors:

New Gamboge

Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna

Olive Green

Cadmium Red

Cerulean Blue

Brown Madder

Ultramarine Blue

Raw Umber

Paynes Gray

*Optional Colors:
Cadmium Orange (fall foliage, mixed with other warm colors)
Naples Yellow (mix with blues for different green tones)
Cobalt Blue (makes beautiful shades of gray when mixed with red)
Windsor Blue (used for dark ocean color mixed with Raw Umber or Paynes Gray)
Rose Madder Genuine

The main colors are always in my palette and you can make almost any color by mixing combinations of them. The other colors are not really necessary; I find that I like to use them for certain effects.


Windsor-Newton Sceptre series, Langnickel, Richeson or equivalent
Rounds: Sable or Synthetic Fibers or a combination thereof - #3, #6, #10, #20
Flats: 1 ½" wash brush, ¼" or ½" wash brush


Any one of the brands listed below:

  • D'Arches 140 lb., Cold Pressed - 1 sheet 22" x 30" will make 2 15" x 22" sheets (Sold through Museum School at front desk for $4.00)
  • Fabriano 140 lb., 100% Cotton
  • Strathmore 140 lb., 100% Cotton

Materials & Miscellaneous Tools
  • Folding palette or plastic John Pike palette
  • Water container
  • Small spray bottle for spritzing water
  • Single-edge razor blade
  • Drawing pencils
  • Kleenex for blotting or wiping out
  • Pink pearl or kneaded eraser
  • Masking tape
  • Hard board (masonite or homosote) to affix watercolor paper to, or watercolor block