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WGBY Mission Vision and Values


WGBY, a community-supported public broadcasting organization, connects the people of our region with ideas, events and each other to fulfill their aspirations, enrich their lives and improve their communities.


WGBY will combine the special power of ideas communicated through images, sound and words with the ability to reach out to people across the region to accomplish its mission.

WGBY will be a valued partner with individuals and organizations that share our values – working together toward the common goal of building a stronger community through learning and understanding. 

WGBY will be recognized locally and nationally for its commitment to its community, high standards and innovation.


To realize our mission and vision we will adhere to the following values:


We will strive for the highest quality in our programming, outreach, facilities, and staffing.


As an institution and as individuals, we will adhere to the highest ethical standards. Our work products will be accurate and fairly represented.


We will value our viewers, members, and supporters. We will encourage and facilitate civil discourse within the community.

Inclusion and Diversity

We will respect individual differences.  Our programming and services will include and reflect the many and diverse segments of our community.


The needs of our community and of WGBY are dynamic.  We will develop and share innovative solutions.

Lifelong Learning

Learning is critical for children, but extends throughout life.  We believe that the human desire to grow, learn and improve is fundamental and lifelong.