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Food & Wine

  • Pear Crisp with Salted Bourbon Caramel

    Pear Crisp with Salted Bourbon Caramel

    By: Liz

    For an irresistible fall dessert, pour salted bourbon caramel into pear halves for a dessert that's better than apple crisp according food blogger Aube Giroux from the Kitchen Vignettes blog. Watch and learn how to make this cozy dessert.

  • Meet Chef Julianno Callirgos

    Meet Chef Julianno Callirgos

    By: Liz

    Rico Peru Latin Flave was one of the many outstanding restaurants to have participate in WGBY's Presencia, a Celebration of Hispanic Heritage in Western New England. Below, Chef Julianno talks to WGBY about his passion for authentic foods and flavors.

  • The History Kitchen

    The History Kitchen

    By: Liz

    Tori Avey is a food writer and recipe developer. She explores the story behind the food – why we eat what we eat, how the foods of different cultures have evolved, and how yesterday’s food can inspire us in our own kitchen.

    Today she shares Gary Cooper's connection with his mother’s Griddle Cake recipe.

  • Eat! Drink! Italy! with Vic Rallo

    Eat! Drink! Italy! with Vic Rallo

    By: Rachel

    Premieres Saturday, September 28, 2:30-3pm:

    Take a fast-paced informative tour of Italy's limitless food and wine, from the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily in its first season. Host Vic Rallo brings a unique perspective to the traditional format of television cooking series.

    Watch a preview.


  • Get Grilling With Bacon Wrapped Salmon

    Get Grilling With Bacon Wrapped Salmon

    By: Liz

    Bacon is a great insulator for grilled meats. In this salmon recipe, it not only prevents the fish from sticking to a grill, it lends structure, keeping it from falling apart. Click here for recipe.