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Mountain Park Wallpaper


Download a Mountain Park Memory!

Love these old pictures of Mountain Park and the Summit House? Download wallpaper for your computer! 
How to use these files.

The Mount Tom Summit House

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The View From Mount Tom

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How to use these files:
Click on the link for the size you want based on your screen size setting. If you're unsure of your screen size, 800x600 is the most common size. When the picture loads, either right-click on the image (on a PC) or click and hold (on a Mac) and select "set as wallpaper", or go to FILE-SAVE and save the image to your computer. To use this saved image as wallpaper on both a Mac or PC, you'll need to change your desktop settings, which will vary depending on your system. Your computer's documentation should have more detailed information on how to do this.



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Major funding for Mountain Park Memories provided by:

Additional funding provided by: Commonwealth Registry of Nurses, Inc., Holyoke Gas & Electric Department, Holyoke Hospital, The Lathrop Retirement Communities of Easthampton & orthampton.

Photo Credits:  
Wisteriahurst Museum (HolyokeMassachusetts); Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division; Detroit Publishing Company Collection; 
Holyoke Public Library