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Message from the Board Chair

The month of July is quintessential summer. It kicks off with the Fourth of July holiday, often marked by neighborhood activities and barbecues. That spirit of community seems to linger until the routine of autumn school days returns.

Our culmination of community came a bit earlier with the WGBY Asparagus Festival last month. What struck me was how befitting it was for WGBY to organize an event celebrating “all things local” — after all, public television is all about community.
If last month’s WGBY festival provided a chance to socialize and celebrate togetherness, one might consider this month’s station agenda to be a bit more ambitious.
Three key summer WGBY initiatives are keeping western New England youth occupied, engaged, and learning during what might otherwise be “slide” months in
which developmental skills regress outside the classroom. These efforts, targeting early readers and high school students, go a long way in supplementing the guidance provided by hardworking, though challenged, public schools and busy parents.
Ask an “everyday person” on the street to describe WGBY or PBS, and they’ll likely refer to educational TV content, like PBS Kids show The Odd Squad or
the prime time show Nature. What many don’t realize, however, is that PBS stations are leaders in hands-on teacher support.
A Google Analytics study earlier this year showed that, on average, more than one million educators use PBS Learning Media materials each month.
But who’s helping these teachers find and apply the some-100,000-plus online resources available? You guessed it: station liaisons, like those at
WGBY. Our employees proactively reach out to area teachers, get them set up to access PBS Learning Media, and help them use those resources.
So, while we continue our communal appreciation of summer this year let’s take a moment to recognize the many educators, including those at WGBY, who work year-round to keep our children on track and curious. Give yourself a pat on the back, too. After all, your support of WGBY is what makes the station’s education services possible.

Crist Myers Chair,
WGBY Board of Tribunes