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Message from the General Manager

Rus Peotter, WGBY General Manager We’ve recently interviewed candidates for positions in a variety of departments, and this is also the time when we recruit new members for the WGBY Board. So, when I was asked about what we did that made

WGBY unique, that led to some very interesting exchanges.

To answer that question I looked to our recently refreshed Mission, Vision and Values Statement. The Mission section reads:

“WGBY, a community-supported PBS member station, connects the people of our region. We educate, entertain, enrich lives and improve communities.”

But their questions dealt more with what we do and why it is different. To answer that, the first line in our Vision is most helpful:

“WGBY will use the unique power of storytelling to communicate ideas through images, sounds and words.”

Of course, as a PBS station WGBY ensures that high-quality educational media is available to everyone, every day. But our unique role is to tell the stories of our region and its people; to explore their issues and problems, to document their achievements and to celebrate their culture. Our work is based on ideas, not simply actualities. And while “story-telling” may make you think of your child’s bedtime, it is profoundly more than that. Stories engage both our minds and our hearts. And that engagement motivates us to participate, to invest, to support, to smile; in short to act. While we may like to think we rely solely on facts, the reality is that facts organized and aligned with a strong narrative are ultimately much more powerful.

That is why WGBY is here and why we produce the work we do. This month, our major production, Connecting Point, returns to tell as many of our communities’ stories as we can. Naturally, I hope you will watch on-air or online, but I also hope that if you know of a story that needs telling, you will let us know.

Thank you.

Russell Peotter, signature

Russell J. Peotter
General Manager