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Sid the Science Kid

Latest Episodes

Sid's Pet Project Air date: 02-07-2014 Watch
http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2304933175/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Sid has been entrusted to care for Philbert while his Grandma is out of town. How do you take care of a pet? /episodes/get/11078 /episode/11078 Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Pet Project /episode-player/11078
Get Up and Move! Air date: 01-24-2014 Watch
http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2183981893/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Sid is super excited because teacher Susie announced that today is full of surprises--healthy surprises! /episodes/get/11350 /episode/11350 Sid the Science Kid: Get Up and Move! /episode-player/11350
Shadow Smile! Air date: 01-10-2014 Watch
http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/1630580376/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false After looking at his own shadow, Sid wonders why his shadow doesn't smile when he does. /episodes/get/11351 /episode/11351 Sid the Science Kid: Shadow Smile! /episode-player/11351
Slide to the Side Air date: 12-20-2013 Watch
http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/1606868564/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Sid is trying out his new dance but he can't slide in his new sneakers. /episodes/get/11187 /episode/11187 Sid the Science Kid: Slide to the Side /episode-player/11187
Sleep?  Who Needs It? Air date: 12-13-2013 Watch
http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2306489052/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Sid wants to stay up all night playing with his stuffed animals, but his mom says that he has to go to sleep to stay healthy--why? /episodes/get/11061 /episode/11061 Sid the Science Kid: Sleep? Who Needs It? /episode-player/11061
Sid's Holiday Adventure Air date: 12-06-2013 Watch
http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/1318980716/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Sid learns about temperature while celebrating the winter holidays. /episodes/get/11000 /episode/11000 Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Holiday Adventure /episode-player/11000
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