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Splash and Bubbles

Splash and Bubbles

Splash and Bubbles is an animated preschool comedy inspiring kids to connect with and care about the ocean. Splash, Bubbles, and their Reeftown friends share amazing adventures, meet new creatures, and explore the diversity and wonder of life in the ocean.

Latest Episodes

Tue Jun 13th, 10:30am
Wed Jun 14th, 11:00am
Wed Jun 21st, 11:00am
Wed Jul 5th, 11:00am
Tue Jun 13th, 5:30pm
Wed Jun 14th, 1:30am
Fri Jun 16th, 5:30pm
Sat Jun 17th, 1:30am
Mon Jun 19th, 5:30pm
Tue Jun 20th, 1:30am

Bubbles learns that every drop of ocean water is full of life, and decides to take in a nanoplankton friend who is invisible to everyone, including her. / Tidy meticulously cleans up the kelp forest in anticipation of the arrival of his new partner, a female garibaldi fish named Neat. Splash and his friends, however, get Mrs. Tidy mixed up with another fish, who's not an easy fit in the kelp forest. When the real Mrs. Tidy (Neat) arrives, she is very impressed with Tidy's clean algae bed, and appreciates the kelp forest.

Fri May 19th, 10:00am
Fri May 19th, 2:00pm
Sun May 21st, 8:00am
Thu Jun 15th, 10:30am
Sat Jun 17th, 8:30am
Tue Jul 4th, 10:30am
Mon May 29th, 5:30pm
Tue May 30th, 1:30am
Sat Jun 3rd, 5:30pm
Sun Jun 4th, 1:30am

Chompy the Parrotfish decides she doesn't want to eat only algae anymore when she sees Splash and his friends eating a variety of things found in the water column (plankton, etc.) The others have to get Chompy back on her normal eating plan before the reef gets overrun with algae! / Bubbles and Ripple meet a jellyfish. However, when they bring Splash and Dunk to meet her, they discover she doesn't remember them at all. The kids learn that what they thought was one jellyfish were actually two identical clones of each other.

Wed May 24th, 10:00am
Wed May 24th, 2:00pm
Tue Jun 20th, 10:30am
Sun Jun 11th, 5:30pm
Mon Jun 12th, 1:30am

While playing in the kelp forest, Splash, Bubbles and Dunk meet Tidy the Garibaldi Fish, who is the self-appointed Kelp Forest Ranger. Tidy has been taking the kids' shells as they play in the forest, because he likes to keep everything clean and tidy. / Bubbles injures her fin and has trouble swimming, but still wants to move around, so she begins trying all of the methods that other creatures on the reef use to move.

Fri Jun 2nd, 10:00am
Fri Jun 2nd, 2:00pm
Sun Jun 4th, 8:00am
Mon Jun 26th, 10:30am
Sat May 13th, 5:30pm
Sun May 14th, 1:30am
Tue Jun 27th, 5:30pm
Wed Jun 28th, 1:30am

Tired of always being the "nervous friend," Dunk decides he will no longer puff up or get upset. At first, Splash, Bubbles and Ripple are happy that Dunk won't be nervous, but soon realize that Dunk's cautiousness and puffing up serves a great function in their relationship. / Splash, Dunk and Bubbles spend the day with Tidy, the Garibaldi Fish, as "kelp forest keepers." Tidy's desire to have everything "just so" conflicts with Bubbles, Dunk and Splash's desire to have fun exploring the kelp forest.

Fri May 26th, 10:00am
Fri May 26th, 2:00pm
Sun May 28th, 8:00am
Tue Jun 20th, 11:00am
Wed Jun 21st, 5:30pm
Thu Jun 22nd, 1:30am

Dunk discovers that what he considers "just playing with sand" is actually considered beautiful art by his friends, and he is proud of himself for having a special talent. / Ripple leads the gang to investigate the legend of the Sea Dragon that has been passed down in her family. When they discover what Sea Dragons actually are, they learn that just because they haven't seen something before doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Tue May 30th, 10:00am
Tue May 30th, 2:00pm
Fri Jun 23rd, 10:30am
Sun Jun 25th, 8:30am
Fri Jun 23rd, 5:30pm
Sat Jun 24th, 1:30am
Sun Jun 25th, 5:30pm
Mon Jun 26th, 1:30am

The others are alarmed when they found out the reason Dunk is talking funny is that he has a parasite in his mouth. Dunk tells them that he doesn't want to get rid of the parasite and even thinks of it as a friend, but in truth, he is afraid to go see the cleaner shrimp. / Ripple hears a strange message traveling through the ocean and follows the voice all the way to a fin whale, who explains that the voice was a message from her brother thousands of miles away.

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