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Volunteer at WGBY

Now Recruiting Volunteers for March TV Pledge

Join us on March 7 to answer phones during on-air pledge. It’s a fun and gratifying way to help WGBY have a successful pledge drive. We provide training, free parking, pizza, and snacks.

Tuesday, March 7
6:30–10:30 p.m.
The evening's pledge shows include Under Quabbin and select segments from Connecting Point's "Gone But Not Forgotten" series
This evening honors local programming on WGBY.

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Volunteers Make All the Difference at WGBY.

We'll supply the training you need for the many exciting opportunities for volunteers.

  • Membership Drives
  • Weekday Clerical
  • Volunteer Guild Projects
  • WGBY Special Events

WGBY is powered by the public, with volunteers making up the largest part of the station’s work force. Volunteers are made up of:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses, both large and small
  • Community Organizations

Volunteering is a great way to have fun while helping your community. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact:

Charley Rose

Volunteer Coordinator

413-781-2801 x 1543
413-519-1731 (cell)

Map and Directions to WGBY.