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Message from the President of NEPM

These days, as I meet with people throughout our community, I am often asked a version of this question, “What’s up with this new organization called New England Public Media?” The simplest answer is that your local public television station (WGBY) has joined forces with your local public radio station (NEPR) to form a new alliance—New England Public Media. And, of course, the next question is often, “Why?” The simplest answer is so that we can work together to be independent, innovative, and inspiring.

As many traditional sources of local news are struggling, we remain faithful to this mission. We believe that local independent and balanced journalism and lively civic discourse is a priceless bulwark for our democracy. By coming together, we’re better positioned to tell the stories that matter in areas ranging from education and news to culture, the arts, and more.

Bringing TV and radio together will allow us to be more innovative. You will have easy access to the public media that you care about on a compact smart watch, a big flat screen TV, or any platform in between. We’re already laying the groundwork for new programs that will take advantage of our multi-platform model, such as podcasts, music streams, and video series.

One thing will never change. We will continue to be inspiring. I’m sure you will continue to be inspired, like when you have one of those “driveway moments” when you feel compelled to sit in your car to catch the end of All Things Considered, or you find yourself swept up in the latest drama from Masterpiece, or you get the giggles while listening to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, or you know that your grandchild was completely prepared for kindergarten thanks to PBS Kids.

You can read more about New England Public Media at nepm.org. As we embark on this new endeavor, we are grateful for your generous and engaged support.

Martin Miller, President
New England Public Media
The New Alliance of NEPR and WGBY