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Tonight on Connecting Point: Wednesday, March 25

6 p.m. on NEPR (Radio) & 7 p.m on WGBY (TV)— Baystate Health's Dr. Peter Friedmann talks about the process of developing a vaccine.


 Tonight on Connecting Point: Wednesday, March 25

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SEGMENT 1 – Baystate’s Dr. Peter Freidmann on a Vaccine for COVID-19

As we navigate unchartered territory with COVID-19 there is a lot of talk about a possible vaccine, when it would be available and how it offers hope as medical professionals treat this new virus. A Massachusetts company, Moderna, is working on developing such a vaccine and experts expect full-scale human trials in April. Carolee McGrath sat down with Dr. Peter Friedmann, the chief research officer at Baystate Health to learn more about a potential vaccine, the time it takes to develop it, and how vaccines have changed and saved lives.

SEGMENT 2 – Coronavirus Mythbusting

The Coronavirus has been met with it a series of purported help. At-home tests and even cures for COVID-19 have found their way from one social media account to another. What’s true and what’s not? We separate fact from fiction with Andrew Lover, UMass Amherst Assistant Professor of Epidemiology.