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Tonight on Connecting Point: Thursday May 28

Watch tonight at 7 p.m. — After a 700-mile race in Alaska, Marla Brodsky returns to the area to find COVID-19.

Tonight on Connecting Point: Thursday May 28

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After about two months, adult-use marijuana sales resumed on Monday. But, with an eye on stopping the spread of the new coronavirus, there are health and safety restrictions for both employers, employees and customers. Carrie Saldo spoke with Steve Reilly, Co-Founder of INSA, which has a site in Easthampton to learn more.

SEGMENT 2 – Hilltown Sled Dog Racer

What stories will you have to share when this pandemic is over? How about setting off to Alaska to compete in a 700-mile sled dog race — that’s how Marla Brodsky spent the last several months, oblivious to what awaited her when she returned home to her home town of West Chesterfield, Massachusetts. Producer Dave Fraser brings us the story.

SEGMENT 3 – Western New England University Plans Reopening

As the state begins to open up, all eyes are on the fall with parents wondering what school will like and if their older kids will be going off to college or learning online. Some colleges have already announced they will continue with remote learning, while others like Western New England University are making plans to open up. Carolee McGrath sat down with Bryan Gross, the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing to find out about the plans.