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Tonight on Connecting Point: Monday June 29

Watch tonight at 7 p.m. — Remains of an ancient settlement delays construction of new roundabout in Northampton.

Tonight on Connecting Point: Monday June 29

More About Connecting Point: Monday June 29

SEGMENT 1 – Native American Site Presents Construction Issues in Northampton

The intersection of Hatfield and North King streets in Northampton is slated to be turned in to a roundabout by the State Department of Transportation, with work possibly beginning in July. But an archaeological dig nearby discovered remains of an 8,000 to 10,000-year-old settlement. Now, a legal challenge has work there delayed until at least July 13th. But supporters of the settlement – like Joe Graveline, Former President of the Nolumbeka Project and Dr. Richard Gramly, an archaeologist -- want the work stopped, permanently and history preserved, and they explained why to Carrie Saldo.

SEGMENT 2 – The Craft of Ukulele Making

Stephen Beauregard began building guitars in 1986, but with a desire to play some of the great summer songs of the 20’s and 30’s, he made the transition to the Ukulele. He brought one along on a family camping trip and played it around the campfire, and after a husband and wife offered to buy it from him on the spot, he had made his first sale. Fast forward several years later, and the Snow Shoe Ukulele Company was born. Producer Dave Fraser brings us the story. Originally aired 2/15/20

SEGMENT 3 – Springfield Schools Plan for the Fall

As school districts prepare for the fall there are a lot of scenarios in play -- from a hybrid model to keep class sizes down, to having kids wear masks and eating in their classroom -- all in an attempt to restart in the midst of COVID-19. Carolee McGrath spoke with Springfield Schools Superintendent Daniel Warwick to hear how the city is making plans based on state recommendations.