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Chef Paul Hathaway

Chef Paul Hathaway

Chef Bio

(From Restaurant Website) Chef Paul Hathaway, born and raised on
Boston's South Shore, started his career in 1988 under Chef John McGuire at
Seaside Restaurant in Fanueil Hall Marketplace. He traded Seaside's traditional
New England cuisine for that of Northern Italy under the guidance of Chef Thomas
Golden at Davio’s, further
developing his love of gastronomy. His interest in pursuing a deeper education
in Italian cuisine coincided with the departure of Chef Golden, and brought
him to the famed Michaela’s in Cambridge, then under the direction
of Chef Jody Adams. There he honed his skills and started to see cooking
more as an art than a job.

After about a year of cooking under Chef Adams, Paul decided to travel through
parts of the United States. His travels allowed him to immerse himself in ethnic
and regional fare, from Southern Creole to the true flavors of Tex-Mex, and
finally to the lighter dishes of California cuisine. It was both inspirational
and directional to the future development of his own style.

Returning to the East Coast, Hathaway joined Chef Todd English
at his acclaimed Olive's. Here he met Sous-Chef Paul O'Connell, who discussed
with Paul his future plans of opening his own restaurant, in which Chef Hathaway
showed great interest. A year later Chef O'Connell opened Providence and Chef
Hathaway became a part of it. Through the two and a half years of working for
O'Connell, Hathaway worked his way up the ranks from Head Line Cook to Co-Sous
Chef to Chef de Cuisine. During this time he also experienced some press exposure
and the opportunity to get involved with various food and wine events. After
the successful opening of O'Connell's second restaurant, Chez Henri, Mr. Hathaway
decided that it was a fitting time to move on.

Chef Hathaway soon found himself in the kitchen at Pomodoro, in Boston’s
North End. Paul assisted owners Siobhan Crew and Matt Murphy with developing
menus for Pomodoro and their other restaurants, Matt Murphy's Pub and Bok Choy.
In 1998 Pomodoro was voted best Italian Restaurant in Boston Magazine, and
Paul moved over to Bok Choy to assist in its opening.

After helping launch Bok Choy, Hathaway embarked on the fresh pursuit of
becoming partner in a new restaurant. He teamed up with David Brilliant and
Gerry Finnegan in opening The Washington Square Tavern in Brookline, in June
of 1999. Under Chef Hathaway’s expert and creative culinary direction, the Washington
Square Tavern was voted Best Neighborhood Restaurant by several Boston magazines.

After five fruitful years at the Washington Square Tavern, Chef Hathaway
turned his sights to Western Massachusetts, and to fulfilling his dream of
owning his own restaurant.

Chez Albert

Amherst, MA


About the Restaurant

(From Restaurant Website) Nestled past the busy streets of Northampton and the rolling farmlands of Hadley is the historic town of Amherst. Against this backdrop of higher learning and artistic endowment you’ll find the quaint French bistro, Chez Albert (located at 27 South Pleasant St. across from the Amherst Town Hall and Common.) Chez Albert prides itself in serving organic local ingredients from small farms and epicurean artisans. Chef Paul Hathaway’s seasonal menus and daily specials blend his philosophy of simplicity and fresh flavors with regionally inspired French cuisine. Complementing the food is Chez Albert’s wine list, which emphasizes small artisan producers whose styles harmonize with Chef Hathaway’s flavors. The dining room provides a warm and intimate setting reminiscent of a Paris bistro. With gracious hospitality, inspired cuisine, and carefully selected wines, Chez Albert is an experience like no other in the valley.