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WGBY Staff List & Contact Info

Main Number & Viewer Comment Line: 413-781-2801
Mailing Address: 44 Hampden Street, Springfield, MA 01103


Anthony V. Hayes, General Manager, x1560
Lynn Page, Deputy General Manager, x1564
Jim Gallerani, Senior Director of Administration, x1563

Community Outreach, Education & Community Events

Veronica Garcia, Community Outreach Associate/Host & Producer of Presencia, x1508
Bess Kapetanis, Education Program Coordinator, x1592
Vanessa Pabon, Community Engagement Director, x1550
Marie Waechter, Community Relations & Special Events Director, x1547
Zydalis Zayas, Senior Community Engagement Associate, x1566

Corporate Support

Matthew Kullberg, Corporate Support Associate, x1534
Joel Morse, Associate Director of Corporate Support, x1524

Development & Membership

Cate Damon, Member Services Associate, x1527
Richard Hamlin, Mailroom Clerk, x1507
Dawn Hawk, Membership Coordinator, x1530
Deb Montgomery, Customer Service Associate, x1549
Daisy Pereira-Tosado, Director of Develpoment, x1586
Joan Rust, Member Services Associate, x1527
Daren Winckel, Senior Director of Development at WGBH, x1526

Marketing & Communications

Geoffrey Oldmixon, Director of Marketing, x1558
Rachel Scott, Senior Online Coordinator, x1531
Marla Zippay, Director of On-Air Promotions, x1555

Programming & Broadcast Operations

Alejandro Cameron, Producer/Video/Editor, x1565
Keith Clark, Director of Local Production & Services, x1574
Tony Dunne, Executive Producer of Connecting Point, x1556
Dave Fraser, Assistant Local Production Manager, x1589
Mark Langevin, Videographer/Editor, x1540
Heather Murphy, Production Associate
Marc Rhinehart, Director, x1539
Carrie Saldo, Host/Reporter/Producer/Writer of Connecting Point, x1538

Technology & Engineering

Bob Ryan, Master Control Technician, x1572   
Chris Schwantner, Chief Technology Engineer, x1594
Phil Shumway, Senior Master Control Technician, x1587