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Local USA - Ku Kanaka

A one-half hour documentary explores the transformation of the late Kanalu Young from an angry 15 year old who becomes quadriplegic to a leader of his Native Hawaiian people. Ku Kanaka/Stand Tall, charts the journey of the late Dr. Young, a Hawaiian history professor at the University of Hawai...
Monday May 13th6:00pmWGBY World
Monday May 13th9:00pmWGBY World
Tuesday May 14th2:00amWGBY World
Tuesday May 14th10:00amWGBY World
Tuesday May 14th4:00pmWGBY World
Friday May 17th5:00amWGBY World
Friday May 17th11:00amWGBY World
Saturday May 18th1:30pmWGBY World
Tuesday May 21st9:30pmWGBY World
Wednesday May 22nd1:30amWGBY World
Wednesday May 22nd9:30amWGBY World
Wednesday May 22nd3:30pmWGBY World
Saturday May 25th11:30pmWGBY World
Sunday May 26th3:30amWGBY World
Sunday May 26th10:30amWGBY World
Sunday May 26th6:30pmWGBY World