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Place to Stand - Place to Stand - 0

A PLACE TO STAND is the amazing true story of how Jimmy Santiago Baca - a man with seemingly no future - became a celebrated poet, novelist and screenwriter. Based on the memoir of the same name, the documentary takes viewers into Jimmy's past and present, to uncover how the power of the...
Tuesday Oct 23rd9:00pmWGBY World
Wednesday Oct 24th1:00amWGBY World
Wednesday Oct 24th9:00amWGBY World
Wednesday Oct 24th3:00pmWGBY World
Saturday Oct 27th5:00amWGBY World
Saturday Oct 27th11:00pmWGBY World
Sunday Oct 28th3:00amWGBY World
Sunday Oct 28th10:00amWGBY World
Sunday Oct 28th6:00pmWGBY World