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Odd Squad - It Takes Goo to Make A Feud Go Right/Friends of Od

It Takes Goo to Make a Feud Go Right - Olympia and Otis are tasked with calling a truce between feuding guests. Curriculum: using a Venn diagram, 3D shapes: spheres and cubes. Friends of Odd Squad - Ms. O leaves headquarters in the hands of an unlikely crew. Curriculum: spatial sense: mapping;...
Monday Oct 22nd8:00pmWGBY Kids
Tuesday Oct 23rd4:00amWGBY Kids
Tuesday Oct 23rd4:00pmWGBY 57/HD
Thursday Oct 25th8:00pmWGBY Kids
Friday Oct 26th4:00amWGBY Kids
Tuesday Oct 30th8:30pmWGBY Kids
Wednesday Oct 31st4:30amWGBY Kids
Wednesday Nov 7th8:30pmWGBY Kids
Thursday Nov 8th4:30amWGBY Kids
Thursday Dec 6th8:00pmWGBY Kids
Friday Dec 7th4:00amWGBY Kids