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Wild Kratts - Mystery of the Flamingo's Pink

When Aviva makes a Flamingo Creature Power Suit, the color doesn't work. The suits are completely white, and the gang can't figure out why. All of the DNA is correct. There's nothing wrong. So where does the flamingo's pink come from? The gang is on a quest to solve the Mystery...
Tuesday Jun 11th7:00pmWGBY Kids
Wednesday Jun 12th3:00amWGBY Kids
Thursday Jun 13th7:30amWGBY 57/HD
Thursday Jun 13th3:30pmWGBY 57/HD
Thursday Jul 4th7:00pmWGBY Kids
Friday Jul 5th3:00amWGBY Kids
Tuesday Jul 16th8:00amWGBY 57/HD
Friday Jul 19th8:00pmWGBY Kids
Saturday Jul 20th4:00amWGBY Kids
Saturday Jul 20th8:00pmWGBY Kids
Sunday Jul 21st4:00amWGBY Kids
Sunday Jul 21st8:00pmWGBY Kids
Monday Jul 22nd4:00amWGBY Kids