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Pacific Heartbeat - Leitis In Waiting

Leitis in Waiting tells the story of Tonga's evolving approach to gender fluidity through a character-driven portrait of the most prominent leiti (transgender) in the Kingdom, Joey Mataele, a devout Catholic of royal descent. Over the course of an eventful year, Joey organizes a beauty pageant...
Monday May 6th8:00pmWGBY World
Tuesday May 7th1:00amWGBY World
Tuesday May 7th9:00amWGBY World
Tuesday May 7th3:00pmWGBY World
Wednesday May 8th5:00amWGBY World
Wednesday May 8th11:00amWGBY World
Sunday May 12th5:00amWGBY World
Sunday Jun 2nd5:00amWGBY World