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Lidia's Kitchen - A Colorful Party

When hosting an Italian-style cocktail party, all you need is some drinks, a nice selection of appetizers, and you're set! Back in the kitchen, Lidia creates a menu for the perfect cocktail party. She makes mussels with zucchini salsa verde, a small appetizer guests can slurp down while...
Saturday Jul 20th1:30pmWGBY 57/HD
Monday Jul 29th8:00pmWGBY Create
Monday Jul 29th11:30pmWGBY Create
Tuesday Jul 30th2:00amWGBY Create
Tuesday Jul 30th5:30amWGBY Create
Saturday Aug 3rd1:30pmWGBY Create
Saturday Aug 3rd5:00pmWGBY Create
Sunday Aug 4th2:00amWGBY Create
Sunday Aug 4th5:30amWGBY Create