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Keeping Up Appearances - The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket

Latest Episodes

Hyacinth volunteers Richard's services to help out the Church Hall where there is a problem with the lights. However, since his forte is strictly not in the direction of DIY, Richard's contributions only add to the mayhem.

Hyacinth has decided that Richard will gain a high executive position with a local firm that has developed a vacancy in their ranks. Richard fancies neither the prospect of the job nor the plan Hyacinth has evolved for him meeting The Big Boss.

Hyacinth suddenly decides to take Daddy out for a picnic in the country, but Daddy equally suddenly decides that he will take her car!

Although the musical for which she had auditioned is already fully cast, Hyacinth is convinced that Emmet is only too shy to offer her a part. Hyacinth evolves a plan to pluck up his courage by inviting him to Violet's home for a "bon vivant buffet."

Hyacinth receives a call from Mrs Fortescue (Jean Anderson), begging a lift into town. "Her sister is married to a baronet, so she is virtually aristocracy" but, as usual, Hyacinth's chances of going upmarket are hindered by her downmarket family.

Hyacinth plans to hold one of her celebrated candlelight suppers in order to impress Emmet, head of the local amateur operatic society, with her vocal talents.

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