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Waiting for God

Waiting for God

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A spiritualist is hell bent on spiltting up Diana and Tom who are "living in sin".At a seance she puts Tom in touch with his dear departed wife And Tom falls under her powers.Diana decides she will remove the spell.

After only a few weeks spent together ""living in miserable sin".Z Diana is in desperate need of a few months of solitary confinement .Tom scrutinizes his lease agreement for a get out clause to ridhimself of his acid tongued flat mate.

Life at Bayview Retirement Village is not exactly hectic.Tom and Dianadecide they are so bored that they will have to get jobs.

An unexpected guess and Harvey's fiancee are the sources for maliciousfun on the parts of Tom and Diana

Bad news for Tom as his doctor alerts him to impending problems with his prostate .Diana senses that Tom's doctor is not telling him everything there is to tell .

Diana decides she needs to broaden her horizons to encompass her energies and talent.She launches herself into politics only to find Tom and Harvey running against her.

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