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Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

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In the quilting world, it's all about the angles. Combine the units in Prussian Blue and a beautiful design is the result. Mary and Marianne will present the techniques used to create those perfect angles that come together in a harmonious patchwork design.

That mini quilt with loads of charm can become a decorative pillow in a few quick steps. With a few unique touches and trim you can create a one of a kind home accent. Mary and her guest Lindsay Wilkes will present quick and easy ways to stitch and embellish a pillow project.

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Sat May 30th, 7:00am

Guest Angela Huffman and host Sara Gallegos focus on the three D's for this longarming episode: Drama, Direction, Diversion. Put your quilting designs to work, and make your patchwork pop!

Quilters are often puzzled when trying to decide what quilting designs to use on the sashing of a quilt. Mary's guest Angela Huffman shares ten possible designs that you can consider for your next quilt. She demonstrates these simple freehand designs for the sashing space of your quilt.

Art and quilting make great companions. Mary's guest is Jim Shore and they will address how the artist transfers their design concepts to create wonderful new fabrics. They will also discuss the history of Jim's inspiration, design and color palette.

Quilt tops can be seen as a canvas. Our patchwork can be enhanced and accented, becoming a new creation. Mary and her guest Jerry discuss sewing machine needles, threads and techniques for generating a secondary layer - quilting that adds dimension and interest to our patchwork.

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