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Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

Latest Episodes

Beloved teacher Angela Huffman joins host Sara Gallegos to teach you what exactly goes into custom longarm quilting. When you have a spectacular quilt top, it deserves a thoughtful quilting design. Angela and Sara talk through the decisions a longarmer can make to really make patchwork pop.

Marianne Fons plays with value in the Shoofly blocks, alternating her Triangle-Square placement to create dark-side-in or light-side-in quilt blocks. Marianne joins Sara Gallegos to teach you how to work with those Triangle-Squares, as well as how to easily create continuous bias binding for the sweet, three-sided, scalloped border.

Deciding which thread is best for the job can be a bit daunting. Mary Fons and guest, Sara Gallegos, discuss the things to consider the next time you find yourself selecting just the right thread for your current project.

Alongside host Sara Gallegos, Marianne Fons shares two quilts, Town Square and Concentric Circles. Both feature a diagonally set log cabin design, but the difference between the two could not be more dramatic.

Creating an original quilt, sometimes takes in a different direction. As quilters we work with cotton fabrics a majority of the time. Have you been curious about all the other fabrics available, denim, velvet, taffeta, and knits just to name a few. Can they be used in quilts? If so, what type of quilts and how do we approach them successfully. Patrick is joined by Jerry Granata an award winning quilter who teaches us the methods for working with alternative fabrics.

The Double Irish Chain is a quintessential quilt pattern, and on this episode, we color it Irish! Debra Finan joins host Sara Gallegos to teach this classic pattern, and adds in a four-leaf clover quilt block for some extra patchwork luck.

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