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During a recent trip to Spain, Ming fell in love with ham- and not just any ham, but the most luscious, silky ham he ever tasted-jamon iberico de Fermin. On today's SIMPLY MING, Ming takes his new love and pairs it with an old favorite in his pantry- ponzu. That tangy citrus condiment from Japan heads to Europe to start today's meal with Ming's Fennel Salad on Jamon 'Carpaccio'. A never fail dish that can work as both an appetizer or a side is next on the menu as Ming shows us his Jamon Wrapped Asparagus with Ponzu Syrup.

This week it's all about steak in Ming's loft kitchen! Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia stops by to grill up a rich rib eye with spicy gochujang butter, while Ming whips up a delicious shitake-umami glazed steak. Two different tastes, one spectacular cut of beef, this week on Simply Ming!

Purees used to be synonymous with baby food. Not anymore! On this episode of Simply Ming, we show you how to make purees explode with texture and flavor, especially in the hands of Chef Einat Admony, who mixes it up with Ming this week on Simply Ming.

Want to eat more burgers? Well, on this episode of Simply Ming, Chef Ellie Krieger makes that easy! Joining forces with Host Ming Tsai the two cook up some lighter, even tastier burgers on the fly, this week on Simply Ming.

This week on Simply Ming, Top Chef Alum Fatima Ali joins us for some healthy cooking and eating. The main ingredient for their two dishes is chickpeas. Chef Ali makes a mustard seed shrimp with chickpea "chaat" salad, while Ming cooks up a chickpea tofu curry stew. It's all right here, cooking at home, on this episode of Simply Ming.

Ming is on the road again: this time, in England. For his first stop, Ming is welcomed to England with a classic dish: fish and chips. Ming visits one of England's biggest fish auctions at the Brixham Fish Market with chef Craig Maw and his partner Nikki Mutton to pick out fresh cod and haddock at the auction. Then, it's off to their restaurant Kingfisher Fish & Chips in Plymouth to see what makes their take on fish and chips the "Best of 2017". Ming does his own version of the British classic, but with a beer batter instead, and they compare: whose fish takes first place?

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