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P. Allen Smith's Garden Home

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P. Allen Smith highlights some of his favorite cooking segments from the first 15 seasons of Garden Home.

Join P. Allen Smith as he takes a trip down memory lane and revisits his favorite travel segments from seasons past.

Bulb gardening is easier than you think. In this episode Allen gives us some tips to help us through the process, including protecting newly planted bulbs from squirrels. Allen shows us some exquisite dahlias, the secret to planting paper whites and how to make a beautiful tulip and hyacinth arrangement. We'll also visit a daffodil festival. The Duggar family visits the Garden Home Retreat for a day of fun, lunch and daffodil gathering.

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Fri Jul 5th, 11:00am
Fri Jul 5th, 5:00pm

P. Allen Smith explores the food and fellowship of one of America's oldest cities, Charleston, South Carolina; a true Southern gem.

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