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P. Allen Smith's Garden Home

Latest Episodes

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Mon Nov 11th, 11:00am
Mon Nov 11th, 5:00pm
Sat Nov 16th, 12:00pm

Chefs compete for culinary supremacy. But how will they handle P. Allen Smith's secret ingredient?

P. Allen Smith looks at the vibrant design principle of Color. From simple bouquet arrangements to the color of paint, and through the glorious color of peacocks, Allen shows us the impact of clever uses of color. Plus, he reveals unique tropicals in the greenhouse, shows how to invite Mother Nature in for dinner, and explores even more of the colors around the Garden Home Retreat.

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Fri Nov 1st, 11:00am
Fri Nov 1st, 5:00pm

Nearly 20 billion new items of clothing are purchased each year. Where does it all come from? P. Allen Smith follows the "cotton trail" to find out.

P. Allen Smith explores a place unlike any other, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and visits a unique restoration project involving a rare house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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