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Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Intel and Yahoo! are the first of the big tech companies to report. Will their results set the tone for the rest of the sector? Find out tonight.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Time Warner rejects 21st Century Fox's $80b offer. Will Rupert Murdoch up the bid? And does this deal make sense? And, the White House calls on Congress to crack down on tax inversions, describing them as an "abuse of our tax system". But will lawmakers respond?

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks jolted on news a passenger jet crashed over Ukraine as questions remain over exactly what happened and what investors need to watch. And, Microsoft is laying off up to 18,000 workers over the next year as part of its plan to streamline operations and reshape the company.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report.. What's behind the strong rebound in stocks just one day after a steep sell-off? And, FedEx charged with trafficking drugs for online pharmacies. Should investors stick with the stock?

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