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Nightly Business Report

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Tonight on Nightly Business Report, does Apple have a major product in its pipeline that could wow investors and consumers? And, what the conflicting legal rulings on the new health law could mean for millions of Americans.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, a biotech stock soars 300% in one day. What's behind the move higher? And, will the SEC's new rules governing money market funds impact individual investors?

President Obama lays out his plan to close a tax loophole that some companies are taking advantage of to save billions of dollars. Did the President make the case? Find out tonight on Nightly Business Report.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks end the week lower, but will a jam-packed economic agenda next week change sentiment? And, why Sovaldi, the breakthrough Hepatitis C drug, is creating a big headache for both states and health insurers.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, will the flood of earnings reports this week throw a wrench into Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's plans? And, are the stock market's best days behind it? Two experts weigh in.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks get knocked down as US and EU sanctions against Russia are ratcheted up. And, the debt problem you may not even know you have.

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