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Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Target's CEO is out as the Board calls for new leadership following the massive cyber attack. Are other CEOs just as vulnerable? And, Warren Buffett is still going strong at 83. What advice is the investing super-star giving on the market, his company and the business world?

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Disney reports earnings after the bell and investors will be looking for signs the company is firing on all cylinders. And, a mega-deal for Merck as the drug maker sells its consumer business. Does Merck have a new business strategy and will there be more deals to come?

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says the economy is accelerating, but it's not out of the woods yet. And, get ready to pay more for federal student loans for the upcoming school year.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the blue-chip Dow index spent most of the day in record territory, then the rally fizzled. What happened? And, do you get frustrated when trying to book a flight with your frequent flyer miles? Good news, a new report says things are changing.

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, Apple is reportedly in talks to make its largest acquisition ever, buying Beats Electronics for more than $3b. Why? And what does it mean for Apple's strategy? And, our Market Monitor guest has a list of cheap stocks he says could soar 50%in the next 12 to 18 months.

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