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Closer to Truth

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How we think about free will affects how we live our lives and structure our societies. In Part II of our following the multi-year 'Big Questions in Free Will' project, experts discuss the psychological, social and moral aspects of Free Will.

WGBY World
Fri Jun 12th, 6:30am

Can art go beyond the pleasures of experience to convey knowledge or even understanding? If so, what could be the kinds of knowledge or understanding made manifest by art? Conversely, can epistemology help discern art?

WGBY World
Fri May 22nd, 6:30am
WGBY World
Fri May 29th, 6:30am

Can art inform topics in philosophy of religion? Can the existence and varieties of art address or affect theological questions about God, faith, belief, worship?

WGBY World
Fri Jun 26th, 6:30am

Creativity generates art. How to discern the creative process in order to inform the nature of art? Conversely, how to discern art in order to inform the nature of the creative process?

WGBY World
Fri Jun 5th, 6:30am

If God is the creator of human beings and art reflects human sentience, then can examining the arts discern reflections of God? Can one infer from various aspects of art various traits of God?

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