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Focus On Europe

Focus On Europe

With Focus on Europe, DW has developed a new program that adds a more personal touch to the issues affecting people across the continent. The weekly magazine which replaced European Journal in October 2014 provides audiences an inside perspective on the diversity of people, places, conflicts and coexistence that define Europe. Focus on Europe presents genuine stories about the lives of real people - from the Polish blacksmith to the Finnish air traffic controller, from a British businessman to a Turkish women's activist. Reporters file their stories from all over the continent and special editions are devoted to a particular country or event. Focus on Europe will continue to attract audiences with up close, visually powerful, exciting and balanced profiles and reporting. Like its predecessor, this new series is a must see for everyone who wants to be an expert on Europe.

Latest Episodes

2016 was a tumultuous year which revealed major divisions on the European continent. Focus on Europe presents a New Year's special with some of the best reports from the past year.

After Turkey's failed coup, concerns are growing over the integrity of its democratic structures. At least 84 people have been killed in a brutal attack in Nice.

Spain: Twitter police - The police in Spain have been trying to burnish their image. Now the Policia Nacional has taken the fight against crime to Twitter - and it's proving a success. At the social media division at the National Police in Madrid, officers use Twitter to track down suspects and issue citizen alerts. The information they've gathered has already helped them carry out more than 500 drug arrests. The Twitter account is also a public relations coup and has 1.1 million followers - more than the FBI.

Turkish police allegedly tortured prisoners in the wake of last July's attempted coup. Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Crimean Tatars have been subjected to repression.

Coming up this week on Focus on Europe from Deutsche Welle and MHz Networks: Turkey: Citizens want bigger voice; Denmark: Alone against Al-Qaeda; Estonia: A ticking time bomb; Greece/Germany: German couple makes reparations to Greece.

Belgium: The fight against terror - Belgium is regarded as one of the strongholds for jihadists in Europe. It's believed that up to 400 people have returned to Belgium after fighting on the side of extremists in Syria. Security forces are on high alert after a planned terrorist attack on police officers was foiled at the last minute. In terms of the total population, Belgium has the highest percentage of returning "holy warriors" in Europe. The "Sharia4Belgium" group stands accused of recruiting young people to fight in Syria.

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