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More and more people in Turkey are starting to fear for their futures. Young nationalists are stirring up sentiment against immigrants in Corsica.

France: Smog Over the City of Light - Air quality is becoming a critical issue in Paris, the French capital, where pollution limits are exceeded every second day. Mayor Anne Hidalgo is now hoping to implement an environmentally friendly traffic concept. The plan calls for making the city center largely car-free by 2020. Only busses and electrically powered vehicles will be permitted in the central district. Plus another 100m are also slated for cycling paths. The traditionally popular diesel-fueled vehicles are to be banned altogether.

As Spain's hotels do a booming business, their chambermaids work long and hard for starvation wages. Austria plans to expropriate Adolf Hitler's birthplace to prevent neo-nazis from turning it into a shrine.

Serbia and Kosovo are in dispute over ownership of mines near Mitrovica. The Swiss government has agreed to compensate indentured child laborers decades after the fact.

Coming up this week on Focus on Europe from Deutsche Welle and MHz Networks: The traditional craft of meerschaum pipe-making is dying out. Fewer Turks are smoking pipes. Ever more victims are speaking up about the torture and murder at Colonia Dignidad in Chile.

Coming up this week on Focus on Europe from Deutsche Welle and MHz Networks: Finland: Boosting military readiness; Georgia: Atheists unwanted; Belgium: War games; Greece: New routes; France: Land for small farmers.

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