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French prisons may be turning into hotbeds of Jihadism. Medical associations in Spain are lobbying to roll back the boom in older mothers.

An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested on suspicion of raping and murdering a student in Germany, triggering a heated debate. Romania has banned all trophy hunting of brown bears.

Germany's anti-foreign, right-wing populists threaten opponents with hate mail and violence. Voters in many of London's working class neighborhoods backed Brexit. But is Brexit turning out as they wanted?

France: Pardon for abused murderer - Jacqueline Sauvage was convicted and jailed for murdering her husband, who had subjected her to violent abuse for decades. She has now been granted early release following a pardon from French president Francois Hollande. Britain: A town goes offshore - Business owners in the Welsh town of Crickhowell were fed up with multinational corporations exploiting fiscal loopholes while they had to pay taxes in full. They decided to register in tax havens such as the Isle of Man and Jersey.

For decades Germany's industrial Ruhr region was a Social Democratic stronghold. Now far-right populists are celebrating their results.

Switzerland/Italy: The Guardian Angel of Fugitives - Mussie Zerai came to Europe twenty years ago as a refugee. Today he ministers to the Eritrean diaspora in Switzerland and Europe. As a student in Rome, Mussie Zerai helped found the aid organization Habeshia, which aims to help immigrants find their footing in their new homes. For five years now, Zerai has worked as a Catholic priest in Switzerland. Many of his flock call him the "guardian angel of fugitives".

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