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Weeks after Catalonia's independence vote, the political brinksmanship continues. Victims of the Grenfell Tower fire say little is being done for them.

Russia and the spirit of the October Revolution 100 years on. German parents desperately seeking their children among the IS fighters.

As the year draws to a close, we feature some of the best reports from 2015.

France: Democracy in Jeopardy - The terror attacks on the French newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' and the hostage-taking in a kosher supermarket in Paris have triggered a wave of international outrage. 17 people died at the hands of Islamist terrorists. Will the attacks polarize French society? France is home to a community of some five million Muslims - the largest in Europe. Many of them say they feel increasingly marginalized. Far-right groups, including Marine le Pen's Front National, are fueling hostilities against Muslims and gaining supporters.

Growing number of Turks seeking asylum in Greece. Denmark's first "dementia village" open for residents.

Coming up this week on Focus on Europe from Deutsche Welle and MHz Networks: 25 years after German unification, the last Allied troops are pulling out. Integrating refugees in Sweden is proving harder than anticipated.

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