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The open-pit mine in Hambach is one of Europe's largest, but activists want to shut it down. And, in Europe's sunniest country, the government is dragging its heels on renewable energy.

Turkey: Dreaming of Kurdistan - The civil war in Iraq is creating new opportunities for Kurds in the north of the country. They are becoming an example for many of their fellow Kurds over the border in Turkey. Many Kurds in Turkey are looking forward with hope and concern at events in Iraq. As the militant group ISIS continues its push to take Baghdad, the Kurds in autonomous regions are consolidating more and more power. For some time now, there's been talk of an independent Kurdish state that would extend beyond the borders of Iraq.

Many young footballers from Africa dream of a career in France and other countries abroad. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has commissioned the building of a giant new airport.

Sweden houses hundreds of refugees at ski resort north of the Arctic Circle; Cighid horrors of Romania's communist-era orphanages; French rush to join military; Denmark wants pork as daycare staple regardless of diet restrictions .

Norway: Unwelcome Extremist - In Norway, an Iraqi Islamist is keeping the entire country on tenterhooks. The man, who calls himself Mullah Krekar, was granted asylum in Norway in 1991, but in the meantime has been held responsible for terrorist attacks by an Islamist group in northern Iraq. Now he's about to be confined to a small village in northern Norway.

In Austria, the voting age is 16. Many first-time voters are easy prey for right-wing populists. A park is set to make way for construction of a church. Local residents are fighting to keep their green space.

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