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Best of the Joy of Painting

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This Bob Ross fishing spot is so delightful and tranquil that you'll want to linger awhile!

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Mon Feb 24th, 11:30am
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This beautiful landscape is reflective of rich farmland as Bob Ross paints ponds, lush foliage and purple mountains against a blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds.

Bob Ross paints a country covered-bridge without disturbing the lovely forest background. A painting you won't want to miss!

Cross a frozen stream under the shelter of a covered bridge and enjoy the tranquilty of a beautiful winter's day -- a Bob Ross classic!

Bob Ross paints a vibrant forest scene marked by a color filled sky and a flowing blue water stream enclosed in a distinctive oval shape.

Shades of crimson, lavender and gold surround a bubbling brook; a gorgeous oval painting by Bob Ross.

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