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Best of the Joy of Painting

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A unique way to lend depth to any painting, Bob Ross creates a fantastic vision of pastel mountain wilderness.

WGBY Create
Wed May 13th, 11:30am
Wed May 13th, 3:00pm
Wed May 13th, 11:30pm
Thu May 14th, 5:30am

This landscape painting with mountains in the background, plentiful fir trees and a lake flowing alongside the embankment is given a distinctive touch as Bob Ross overlays the painting with two bold white borders.

Bob Ross will enchant you as he captures a mountain scene right out of your dreams.

Bob Ross creates a spectacular mountain scene in a faux matte you won't forget; a masterpiece with an intriguing new idea.

Bob Ross brings to life a majestic mountain scene of towering trees and snow covered mountains bordering a placid blue-green lake.

An abandoned fishing boat hugs an old dockside pier and as always, Bob Ross completes the scene in less than thirty minutes!

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