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Best of the Joy of Painting

Latest Episodes

WGBY Create
Fri Mar 20th, 11:30am
Fri Mar 20th, 3:00pm
Sat Mar 21st, 5:30am
Sat Mar 21st, 9:00pm
Sun Mar 22nd, 2:00am

Wispy palm trees and warm pink sky, Bob Ross' drops a tropical seascape onto the canvas just before revealing a charming seashell shape.

Bob Ross paints a big old barn which appears to be half-covered in a snowy setting of frostbitten foliage.

Big ol' country barn snuggled in the snow, here's a Bob Ross oval scene with fun checkered background.

WGBY Create
Tue Mar 10th, 11:30am
Tue Mar 10th, 3:00pm
Tue Mar 10th, 11:30pm
Wed Mar 11th, 5:30am

A wintry spot complete with cozy cabin and evergreens, Bob Ross can tap-tap-tap a whole lovely landscape scene using just a few big brushes.

Experience the quiet anticipation of a soon-to-fall snow cover in this beautiful Bob Ross painting.

Watch and learn as Bob Ross creates crashing waves in this very dark moonlight setting.

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