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Best of the Joy of Painting

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Bob Ross teaches us the joy of painting with a bright, colorful sky, trees and cabin displayed on canvas!

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Fri Mar 13th, 11:30am
Fri Mar 13th, 3:00pm
Sat Mar 14th, 5:30am
Sat Mar 14th, 9:00pm
Sun Mar 15th, 2:00am

Oval shaped paintings are always a Bob Ross favorite - today's snowy soft blue and purple masterpiece with old wooden home will make you a believer.

Happen upon a lonely little cabin deep in the dark forest. Mysteries unfold in a Bob Ross black canvas masterpiece!

WGBY Create
Fri Feb 14th, 11:30am
Fri Feb 14th, 3:00pm
Sat Feb 15th, 5:30am
Sat Feb 15th, 9:00pm
Sun Feb 16th, 2:00am

Bob Ross paints this autumn mountain scene with trees of gold and red, a pastel sky over mountains dusted with snow and a flowing stream with deep blue water.

Happy little church tucked into a bed of snow, evergreens and mountains; another fine Bob Ross classic.

Enjoy the rhythmic flow of deep sea waters crashing up onto surrounding rocks and cliffs, Bob Ross style!

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