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Garden SMART

Latest Episodes

Combining the practical with functional is a great concept for gardeners. However, how do we do that and still have a great looking yard and garden? Tune in, our GardenSMART experts have some great ideas and tips.

Gardeners are constantly thinking about what they can do differently, how they can make their yards and gardens more attractive. In this episode, GardenSMART visits with several interesting gardeners who had some significant challenges yet overcame their obstacles. The end result is outstanding.

GardenSMART is always on the lookout for unusual, interesting plants for areas that present gardening challenges. In this episode, we start with an empty palette and paint a picture with plant material. Be sure to tune in.

Roses have many uses in our landscape. Certainly, they are beautiful but they can provide functional uses as well. Join us as GardenSMART visits with an expert who fills us in on the old and new of roses.

Springtime is quickly approaching and we're ready to get back into our yards and gardens. In this episode, we look at some great springtime plants and plants that will do well in shade. What's not to like. Join us as we GardenSMART.

Erosion and storm water runoff are unexciting topics but something we should all give considerable thought. GardenSMART has found some innovative solutions for these problems and think you'll find them helpful.

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