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Best of Simply Painting: Across Europe

Best of Simply Painting: Across Europe

Frank Clarke makes learning to paint with watercolors fun and easy in THE BEST OF SIMPLY PAINTING ACROSS EUROPE. Twenty-six episodes, culled from public television's Simply Painting Around the World, spotlight some of the most beautiful and enchanting places to paint in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and France. Clarke, one of Ireland's most sought-after and prolific painters, is a charming tutor who offers a blend of encouragement and practical instruction in each episode.

Latest Episodes

During his travels, Frank finds an original Welsh castle to paint.

In the village of Adare in County Limerick, Frank visits Adare Manor and King John's Castle. The nearby Hunt Museum contains many famous paintings, sculptures and artifacts. Frank paints a scene of the River Maigue that runs through Adare.

Nestling in the foothills, Frank paints this iconic Irish subject in a quiet country graveyard.

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Tue May 19th, 7:30am
Tue May 19th, 1:30pm

Inspired by a chateau in the heart of the French countryside, Frank paints a yellow field with trees and a church spire.

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Tue Apr 7th, 7:30am
Tue Apr 7th, 1:30pm
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