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Critter Control; Natural ways to repel backyard wildlife pests (Atlanta & Athens, GA):

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Sitting high above rush hour traffic is a full production, organic farm - growing food in only 8-12 inches of soil spread across the rooftop of a New York City building. We visit this incredible 1-acre farm and learn how they are creating a whole new model for locally grown urban food that can be duplicated anywhere in the world.

The humble honeybee plays a critical role in our global ecosystem, and its endangered status threatens the very food chain that humanity depends on for survival. While the plight of the honeybee is still a struggle, more people than ever are stepping up in ways both great and small. From major corporations to individual citizens across the country, see what some are doing to create safer habitats and environments and learn how we can make a difference at home.

Downtown Atlanta's historic Oakland Cemetery leads the modern renaissance of the cemetery garden, once a common showcase for rare plant specimens and elaborately-designed landscapes.

Stone Barns Center revolutionizes the model for growing healthy and sustainable food on 80 acres of farmland while renowned chef Dan Barber creates masterpiece meals at one of the finest destination restaurants in the world.

We visit a long-running New England fair that celebrates organic farming & rural living to see what information can be utilized by the home gardener.

Healthy plants start with healthy soil, and healthy soil starts with compost. In this episode, we see how one commercial facility diverts yard waste and kitchen scraps that might otherwise be destined for a landfill and converts it into compost, veritable black gold for the garden. We also visit Seattle Tilth, a training facility that teaches homeowners how to compost on a much smaller scale to give their own gardens the best chance for success.

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