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Critter Control; Natural ways to repel backyard wildlife pests (Atlanta & Athens, GA):

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Green roofs are gaining popularity in commercial and residential design, offering a nearly untapped, limitless space to plants perennials, shrubs, even trees. They also cool the air in and above our homes and offices, absorb carbon dioxide, return oxygen, reduce runoff, filter pollutants and provide habitats for birds and other wildlife. They even offer a welcomed respite for mind and body. In this episode, we get a rare, behind the scenes tour of the famous rooftop gardens at Chicago's city hall.

The first step for most new food gardeners is the addition of a few vegetable and herb plants. Yet once they're hooked, the desire to grow more and different plants and varieties grows as well. From the classic food garden, this episode takes home gardeners to the next step of adding a wide assortment of fruit trees and shrubs for their personal backyard orchard. In this episode, host Joe Lamp'l installs several fruit trees and shrubs on the GGW Garden Farm, while sharing everything you need to know for homegrown success, even if only on a deck or patio.

You may think it's a title reserved for vast state parks or federally-protected natural areas, but anyone can create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in their own backyard! In this episode, an expert from the National Wildlife Federation outlines the simple steps to making your own landscape a lot wilder. We also visit a local Certified Wildlife Habitat school where outdoor garden classrooms engage youngsters in nature and teach them about important environmental issues.

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