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Critter Control; Natural ways to repel backyard wildlife pests (Atlanta & Athens, GA):

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"Dig a ten-dollar hole for a one-dollar plant." "Water deeply but infrequently." Thanks to new academic research, many longstanding gardening "rules" like these are now being debunked as myths. Getting past these outdated or just plain misinformed old wives' tales makes us all better and smarter gardeners. In this episode, we do some myth busting of some of the most common practices with guest host and award-winning author Dr. Linda Chalker Scott.

More people are moving into metropolitan cities, where yards are becoming smaller or even non-existent. From apartments to condos to in town homes on zero-lot lines, one thing persists: the desire to have a garden. It's actually easy to have a lush and beautiful garden on a balcony or terrace. We explore some of the latest techniques of small-space gardening and visit some very small gardens with big impact in the San Francisco area.

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