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Critter Control; Natural ways to repel backyard wildlife pests (Atlanta & Athens, GA):

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Want to learn how great designers create beautiful landscapes? Joe Lamp'l and Brie Arthur team up to design and install a new landscape in this packed episode. We walk viewers through the complete process from concept to completion: design consultation, plan creation, shopping for and selecting plants, and (of course) the actual installation. This episode is full of useful information to equip anyone in creating a more beautiful landscape.

While organic gardening is a great way to work in harmony with nature as we learn to garden and farm without chemicals, permaculture is all that and more. In fact, permaculture is becoming one of the hottest trending terms for those seeking to take their gardening and farming practices to the next earth-friendly level. In this episode, we meet Dr. Will Hooker, who teaches permaculture at North Carolina State University and demonstrates the practices in his own home garden.

Park rangers work toward a zero-waste goal at Denali National Park & Preserve, six million acres of Alaskan frontier where rugged terrain and exotic wildlife are met by scores of tourists and the trash they leave behind.

With severe water shortages and drought grabbing an ever growing piece of our daily news, it only stands to reason, conserving this precious resource is more important than ever. Gardeners and weekend warriors typically waste over 50% of what water they use for outdoor irrigation. In this episode we meet author and waterwise expert, Nan Sterman in her own backyard to learn how to use less and still have a beautiful garden and landscape, no matter where you live. Then it's back to the GGW Garden Farm to see the installation of an ultra-efficient irrigation system for the lawn and garden.

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Sat Feb 29th, 9:30am

This episode shadows expert tomato grower, Craig LeHoullier from planting to harvest to get practical tips from one of the most respected experts while learning unique and innovative growing methods for dealing with a variety of challenging conditions.

With over 100 episodes broadcast so far and countless emails and comments from our viewers about each one, the GGW team has gotten a strong sense of which ones have left the most lasting impressions. In this episode, we look back on our most popular segments, share the best stories about the most incredible people we've met and the most dynamic places we've visited... and we uncover more about why these episodes resonated so deeply with fans.

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