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Paint This with Jerry Yarnell

Paint This with Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell is launching a whole new series of painting shows. With a calm and reassuring style that is unmatched by any other art instructor, Jerry guides students through fine-art techniques that can be practiced at home. What separates Jerry's new series from his older work is the culmination of his entire career to date (over 30 years) brought to the viewer in the form of his best work ever.

Latest Episodes

(16x20 Acrylic) This painting illustrates how - as an artist - you can create atmosphere in a painting; and, in this case, morning fog at the beach. Jerry starts this picture using the Hake brush and covers the canvas with a light layer of gesso and then tints the canvas with Hooker's green. The background is then warmed with burnt sienna. Using burnt umber, the value system is applied to create distance starting at the horizon. Jerry angles the various levels of water lines, working toward the beach and using elliptical strokes to maintain flatness of the water.

(18 x 24 Acrylic) A simple painting that teaches you the process of fine art technique. In this opening segment, it is all about blocking in the entire canvas. The background does not look like much, but it is essential to getting the value system correct. Starting with the Hake brush, Jerry gently blends in the sky, starting at the top and ending with a touch of red glow at the horizon to create atmosphere. The sky color is then reflected into the water, and the ocean is blocked in by using turquoise, and it gradually becomes darker moving into the foreground. Switching to the No.

In this stage of the painting (s), Jerry begins the highlight stage of the diptych. Weathered wood on the birdhouse, brighter highlights and reflected light on the limb, as well as scripting in the small branches of the tree are completed during this session of the painting. Jerry explains the importance of connecting the two canvases, while drawing in the smaller branches with the script brush.

Jerry creates a clean dark under painting of the bluebirds using a mix of turquoise blue, ultramarine blue and burnt umber. He creates a darker under painting for the detail of the feathers. In this segment, the renowned Ducks Unlimited artist discusses the proper form, technique, foreshortening and proportion of birds and their anatomy, to provide greater detail to their color and overall form.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to paint birds, or how to create the soft fluffy look of feathers, this is the session and the painting for you. As Jerry begins building the highlights of the feathers in this painting he skims the surface of the under painting, leaving darker pockets showing through the bright colors of the red crest, the bright blue of the head and the lighter gray of the under belly. The completion of this painting (s) reveals a beautiful diptych of Eastern Bluebirds, a birdhouse and a long textured connecting branch.

Acrylic Medium on 16x20 vertical stretched canvas. In the first episode, Jerry explains the purpose for using a gallery wrapped canvas. Then he discusses his reference material and how to use it to lay out the composition. Now Jerry shows how to use the #12 bristle brush to mottle in the suggested background of bushes/leaves. Then he shows how to under-paint the pathway and brick foundation. He finishes by explaining how to properly sketch in the picket fence using basic perspective techniques.

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